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Gigantes Island: Unlimited Scallops!

The following day, we woke up around 3:00 AM to pack up and to get ready for our trip going to Gigantes Island. Unfortunately, the driver who was assigned to us overslept and picked us up around 5:00 AM. We were already pissed off and I thought that this is not a good sign as we wanted to maximize our time in Gigantes. We only booked overnight at the accommodation and we wanted to make sure that we visit all the locations stated in our itinerary. But lo and behold! He drove so fast that we almost fell off our seat and we still managed to arrive at Bancal Port early.

-Side Comment-

Gee: Ito yung mga panahon na marerecite mo ang buong Holy Rosary dahil sa hataw na pagpapatakbo ni Kuya driver. Namputsa.

Upon arriving, we went straight to Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Inn to check-in and have our breakfast. For those who want to stay at Gigantes Island, I recommend that you stay at this inn. The owner is very friendly and they are generous when it comes to food buffet. (READ: UNLIMITED SCALLOPS). I think we had enough scallops for just one day. Grilled or adobo with curry, they have it, and it’s guaranteed fresh! Of course, please don’t expect a luxury room. The island does not have electricity in the morning and during evening, the power is fluctuating. It’s warm inside. But if you want to have a break from the city pollution and noise, this is the best place to be.

After eating, we started with our island hopping. To get to the boat, we must ride a habal-habal or a single motorcyle together with our stuff. Usually, 2 passengers can ride at the back of the driver. Their islands and beaches are one of the best that I had seen. The sand is white and the water is clear. Cabugao Gamay Island tops the list. Before you get to enjoy the spectacular view though, you must climb a couple of uneven stairs first. But let me tell you, it’s worth the effort! If you have been seeing a lot of pictures from Gigantes Island, you might be familiar with the scenery. It looks a little bit like this:

gigantes 5

-Side Comment-

Gee: Bago ka makakuha ng ganitong pic, kelangan muna magtiyaga umakyat. Pagdating sa taas, kelangan muna maghintay matapos yung mga nauna sayo. Kahit na nakakapagod, sulit pre! 

After the island hopping, we went to Baquitan Cave. I didn’t feel well so I skipped the trek. The rest of our group said that it was a difficult walk and climb but it’s worth a try.

gigantes 4

Our last stop is the Gigantes Norte Lighthouse. It was a bumpy ride to get to the place especially since the only transportation is the habal-habal. What you will find mostly is are the ruins but the view is superb.

After our day tour, we all went back to the inn and had a hearty dinner (with scallops once again). We checked out the following day to head back to the port. If you decide to check in at this place, please make sure to give tips to the tour guide and the kitchen staff. They’re probably one of the best in this country.

Next stop: Guimaras!

Til next trip,

– Cha & Gee ♥

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