The Philippines - Visayas

Guimaras: “Mango Capital of the Philippines”


The final leg of our GIG tour is at Guimaras. Known to many as the Mango capital of the Philippines, it’s only a 15-minute boat transfer from Ortiz wharf in Iloilo. When we arrived, we went to the Pit Stop to have our lunch. I read the menu and almost all of their dishes include mangoes as one of the ingredients. Ever heard of a Mango Pizza? Sounds weird but definitely delicious! It looks a little bit like this:


We also ordered Bulalo with Mango and Sisig with Mango. You should try this place when you visit Guimaras.

After the heavy lunch, we stopped by the municipal hall and took some pictures with their big mango replica (picture shown above).

Our driver/tour guide offered to take us at the windmills for an extra PHP 500 since it is not included in our package. Worth it, I must say. This is better than the windmills in Ilocos. Also, the scenery is somewhat similar to Batanes. At least that’s what my cousin said, I haven’t been to Batanes yet. Haha.


We went to the Mango Plantation afterwards. It’s not yet the mango season so we didn’t get to see fruits on the trees. But the scenery can be compared to Korea’s Nami Island. Great for pre-nup photos if you ask me.


We visited other spots like the Smallest Plaza, Trappist Monastery, Pasalubng Center and Guisi Lighthouse. After the tour, we checked in at Raymen Beach Resort. We had our dinner early so we can prepare for the island hopping the following day.

The best part of our island hopping was the SEAFDEC Research Station. We saw how the fishes and pawikans were fed and taken care of. We also got the chance to feed them with our own hands! It was very inspiring to see people working hand in hand to preserve our marine biodiversity.


We checked out after visiting the other islands and went straight to the airport after going back to Iloilo. The itinerary was tiresome but we went back to Manila full of pictures and experiences with 5 kilos of mangoes each. 🙂

Until next trip,

– Cha ❤

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