The Philippines - Luzon

Sorsogon: “Gateway to Southern Philippines”

“You are leaving the island of Luzon”

These are the words on the arc when we reached Matnog, Sorsogon. Samar is only 40 minutes away. Tempting! But we have limited time and a jampacked itinerary so, no. Maybe some other time, Samar. I’m sorry. 😥

We left Caramoan around 5:00 AM and arrived at Matnog Port by 12:00 PM. Everyone must go through the Tourism office to register. They will also help you find a boat for a fixed rate. We were charged PHP 1600 for a day tour which included 3 destinations plus a registration/environment fee which I forgot how much. If I’m not mistaken, an overnight charge for the boat is PHP 2000. They also have restrooms so if you want to change clothes after the day tour, then you need not worry at all.

First on our boat trip was to visit Tikling Island. The water is also clear but since it is just a few minutes away from the port, litter is everywhere. I feel sad that no one cared to clean the beach or had the discipline to practice LNT (leave no trace). Sayang! We went for a swim for a few minutes then proceeded to the next stop. The caretaker even asked for a donation of PHP 50. I hope that they’ll use the money to clean the beach.

Our next stop is the fish sanctuary. This is my favorite part of the tour! It’s just unfortunate that we were not allowed to swim with the fishes because we already put some sunblock. The chemicals are dangerous to the fish if they swallowed it. So that’s one tip for you guys: Don’t use sunblock if you want to swim with the fishes. Nonetheless, we had a great time feeding and taking pictures of them.

Our last stop is at Subic Beach, known for its pink and white sand. It’s just the same as Tikling Island. The water is clear but there were litter. They have cottages for rent, which is required if you are on a day tour. It costed us PHP 500. For those who want to stay overnight, you can pitch a tent but I forgot to ask how much is the fee. Almost all of the tourist have this as their last stop. Like what I said awhile ago, I hope they can do something about the trash. The water is so clear and it’s sad to see that they’re not taking care of it. After all, it’s their livelihood. As for us tourists, we have to do our part as well. Bring your trash with you, clean as you go.

Photo credits: Minn Punzalan

We went back around 3:30 PM as we have to go back to Legazpi to check in and get some sleep. On to our final destination: Albay!

Until next trip,

– Cha ❤

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