The Philippines - Luzon

Batangas Day Tour: Marian Orchard

Another travel near the Metro! We wanted to just have a quick break from the city and there’s no better way than to spend it at Batangas. A lot of us know Batangas pier because it’s a gateway to different destinations but Batangas has a lot to offer. Let me share with you our day tour experience which is convenient for those who can’t afford to take their precious vacation leaves yet. 😊

We joined a group of 11 people in this day tour and our meet up place was at Mcdonald’s Panay Avenue. This is the one near Quezon Avenue MRT station. The call time was 6:00 AM but we departed around 6:30, as we had to wait for the other two participants. Tip: If you decide to join a group tour, make sure to follow the agreed call time. Respect other joiners’ time. We had a quick stop over to go to the loo in one of the gasoline stations in I’m not exactly sure where. Hahaha. Then we arrived in Batangas around 9:30 AM.

First on our itinerary was the Marian Orchard. It’s a Catholic theme park located in Balete. This is the perfect place to visit during Holy Week or retreats. It started around 1990s and is now considered as a prayer park with thousands of visitors from different places. We spent an hour here to take some photos and offer some prayers. There was a huge image of the Blessed Virgin Mary after the Hall of Prayers and Thanksgiving. There’s also a trail going down where you will see different sculptures of the Station of the Cross.

With that long trail going down and up, we were exhausted after. Good thing is, there’s a snack bar inside where you can buy some refreshments. We took a quick break to rest afterwhich we entered the chapel to pray.

Next stop: Bee Farm

Here are some of the photos we took. 😊

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