The Philippines - Luzon

Batangas Day Tour: Bee Farm

Just a few minutes away from the Marian Orchard, we went to the Bee Farm. It’s not big as compared to the other bee farms that I’ve seen but it is well maintained and organized. The owner took time to greet us and he gave us a lecture about the bees. 

Some of the trivias that we learned about the bees are:

• Each of the boxes is completely unique. They smell differently that if a bee entered a colony which it doesn’t belong to, it will be killed by the other bees.

• There is only one queen bee on each box. If the queen dies, then they will reproduce a new one.

• You can hold them slowly and taste the honey that they have produced but you need to be careful, they might feel threatened and attack you.

Next stop: Cintai Corito’s Garden

By the way, here are some of the pics we took with the bees and the bee man. 😉

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