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Star Cruises Superstar Virgo: Day 3 (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

March 26, 2017 (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

The cruise ship left Laoag in the evening and we arrived in Kaohsiung by 10:00 AM. It was cold, very different from Laoag’s warm weather. We were excited since us, Filipinos, don’t get to enjoy this kind of weather often. Also, it was our first time to go to Taiwan without needing to secure a tourist visa.

After disembarking the ship, we were gathered by our tour guide, Felix and accompanied us to the bus. Our first stop was to have our lunch. It did not disappoint! I can’t remember how many viands were served. All I can think of right now is the food that kept on coming and being placed in our dining table. We were already full and there are still plates being served. It got us pumped up for the whole tour.

Felix, our tour guide
This is just half of the dining table.
Seriously? How much can one person eat? Haha!

Disclaimer: Factual information about the tourist spots are from Star Cruises’ tour brochures. Credit goes to the owner.

After that heavy lunch, we went to the Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center. It is a Mahayana Buddhist cultural, religious and educational complex. It’s affiliated with Fo Guang Shan which is one of Taiwan’s largest Buddhist organization. This memorial center was constructed with the intention of enshrining the Buddha’s relic.

It was a long walk going to the statue of Buddha. But the cold weather made it easier. There were a lot of tourists that day but still, we were able to take some pictures and offer a short prayer. One Filipino even offered to take my picture with the Buddha statue because he saw me struggling to take a selfie. :p

We then went to the Love River which was also called Kaohsiung Canal. This area became a romantic place for lovers to date with, reason it was called such. The river is clean and it is indeed romantic. You can also see amphibian vehicles crossing. We just took some photos and headed to the local products shop. Unfortunately, products were too expensive. I was only able to buy 2 packs of nougat candies which is already NTD 500!

Before heading back to the cruise ship, we stopped by the Pier-2 Art Center. This place was once an abandoned warehouse but because of a group of persistent artists, they were able to transform it into an art center, making it popular to both locals and tourists. Perfect spot for pictures!

Of course, our day/night will not be complete without the performance in Lido Theatre.  That night, the show was about 1001 Nights. This is the best show we’ve seen all throughout our stay, at least for me. You’ll see why below:

Lights out!

Next stop: Hong Kong

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