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Star Cruises Superstar Virgo: Day 4 (Hong Kong)

March 27, 2017 (Hong Kong)

We arrived in Hong Kong by 1:30 PM. There’s only one destination on our itinerary that day: Hong Kong Disneyland! That’s how childish we are. :p

We didn’t join any tours because aside from the fact that it was too expensive, we were somehow familiar with their train system since we went there before. We passed by Harbour City since the port is just beside the mall. Then hopped on their train until we get to the Disneyland line. It was just unfortunate that there were a lot of tourists that day in the theme park which means there was a long queue for each ride. We started with the Iron Man experience. This was not available yet when I first visited Disneyland. This is probably the best ride so far in Disneyland! It’s an action-filled ride that featured Iron Man himself. We also went to Mystic Manor. It really is for kids but we had fun too!

I’ll never get tired of Disneyland. You’ll see on my future posts why. Haha! I strongly recommend parents to bring their kids here. They’ll love you more. :p

We had to go back to the cruise ship early so we didn’t get to see the fireworks. We took the train again and went to sleep. No shows for us tonight though since it was Mr. Green the magician again.

Let me share our Disneyland pictures hoping that it would convince you to visit the theme park too. ☺

Lights out!

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