The Philippines - Luzon

Batanes: South Batan (Day 2)

July 22, 2017 – Day 2

We woke up to the strong wind and heavy rainfall outside. We were supposed to have our Sabtang tour on our second day but due to weather conditions, Kuya Kenneth informed us that we have to postpone it and have the South Batan tour today. No boats were allowed to go to Sabtang Island as well. He picked us up at 9:00 AM to start with the tour.

First stop was Chawa View Deck. We didn’t stay long because it was raining hard. We didn’t climb down, worried that it might be slippery and that going back would be a workout. We took some pictures and we went ahead on the next destination.

Next was San Carlos Borromeo Church, famous for its Blank book Archives. The small library contains 1000 books wherein travelers can write down whatever they want. Gee and I wrote at Book 1. Should we visit Batanes again, I hope it’s still there. ☺ During our visit here, the rain already stopped and the sun started to shine. From wet and cold, it was now hot and humid.

We also visited their White Beach and Blue Lagoon. The sand is indeed white and the water is blue. I think this is a safer place to swim and relax. If not for our itinerary that day, we could have stayed a little bit longer.

We passed by Ivana’s oldest bridge and oldest house. The oldest house in Ivana was constructed around 1887. I totally forgot how old is the bridge. Although the bridge is still there, I doubt that they still use it for transportation. The oldest house however, is still conducive for living. But I don’t think someone is staying there.

Next stops were San Jose de Ivana Port, which is where people ride a boat going to Sabtang Island and Honesty Store. Why Honesty Store? You get what you want to buy and just leave the payment on their cash box. No cashiers, no sales man or woman. Ivatans are known for being honest and they take pride of the honesty stores they have.

We weren’t ready for the next stop. Alapad Rock Formation is such a beauty! I didn’t mind walking a  few meters to go to the top and enjoy the view. My friends and relatives know how I hate trekking and climbing, which is why I don’t go to mountains anyway. But this one is different, with the cold breeze touching your face, you’ll be surprised that in no time, you have already reached the top. I remember only saying “Wow!” several times to Gee while she was speechless at the beauty of the scenery. These words won’t justify everything. See for yourself. ☺


We didn’t want to leave the place but it’s time for lunch. We thought we’ve seen enough but no, the next one was the best. Marlboro Country is like a small New Zealand in the Philippines. When we arrived, a lot of travelers were already taking their pictures and selfies so we decided to eat lunch first. It was a good decision because after taking our lunch and resting for a little bit, there were just a few people left. Again I didn’t mind those long walks, not to mention the workout climbing back since it was a slope. This was the highlight of our day. I felt that the time we spent there, almost 3 hours I think, was not enough. One can stay here all day. I’ll let the pictures do the talking for now. ☺


It was hard for us to leave Marlboro Country. But there is still one item on our itinerary. Tayid Lighthouse is just a few meters away. By this time, we all felt exhausted and decided not to go to the lighthouse and just take a picture from afar. You can still see Marlboro Country from here. This one looks like it was newly reconstructed compared to Basco’s lighthouse.

That sums up our second day in Batanes. Two words: Marlboro Country. I doubt if your Batanes trip will be complete without spending time here. I used to boast about Coron but now, I also promote Batanes to other travelers.

I’m still excited for the Sabtang tour though. ☺

Lights out!

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