The Philippines - Luzon

Batanes: Sabtang Island (Day 3)

July 23, 2017 – Day 3

At last! The weather is clear. We were optimistic that our Sabtang Island tour will push through. True enough, our tour guide picked us up at 6:00 in the morning and brought us to the port. We left by 7:00 and reached Sabtang Island by 7:30. We were nervous since our cousin told us before that during her first visit to Batanes, it was a rough ride. Most of the people in the boat were praying for their safety. It turned out to be a smooth sailing ride because July is considered their summer time. How lucky!

We went to Morong White Beach first. Most of the blogs we’ve read before showed pictures from this place. True enough, it is a picture-worthy spot. Our group was among the first ones to arrive. We were in the middle of taking pictures when suddenly it rained hard. Weather in Batanes is very unpredictable! It was scorching hot earlier then the rain just crashed the party. It also didn’t help that we forgot our umbrellas. These were the only pictures we were able to salvage.

We left while it was raining in the white beach and proceeded to Chavayan. Again, the rain already stopped and it was hot and humid. We had to walk a few meters going there because of the mud. We didn’t want to take the risk of having the tires stuck in the mud. We put on their “wardrobes” for sun and rain protection. We looked awful! Haha! Like, Tina Turner, anyone? Nonetheless, it was good to experience living like a local Ivatan. We were amazed with how they were able to preserve the stone houses. After all the typhoons, it’s still there. We quickly passed by Sta. Rosa De Lima Chapel. We took some pictures and off we go to the next destination.

The highlight of the tour was the Chamantad-Tinyan Point. Similar to the Marlboro Country in South Batan tour, it looked like a painting which came to life. Another New Zealand feels. But compared to Marlboro Country, this point is smaller and easier to trek. Cold wind with greenery, this is a perfect place to relax and be one with nature. There were several spots to take pictures and there were areas where you can just sit and enjoy the view. We did both!

After traveling back to Batan, we rested for a while in our hotel and went to Tukon Fundacion Pacita. It is said to be the most expensive accommodation in Batanes. The travel agency gave us a free merienda from Fundacion Pacita’s cafe, a slice of camote bread and their house blend iced tea. If you ask me, it’s the perfect combination.

After our snack, we went back to the hotel and spent the rest of the day packing our stuff since our return flight is around 8:00 in the morning. The hotel staff also told us to go to the airport early because all the security checks are done manually. We’re glad we followed their advice because when we arrived, there were already passengers forming a line.

That pretty much sums up our Batanes trip. It is expensive as people would say, but everything is worth it. This is a place you will never regret spending your hard earned money on. The Ivatans are the most honest people you will ever meet. The Ivatan children are the most polite and friendly. They are well disciplined especially when it comes to protecting their place and promoting sustainable tourism. With a sad note, we will surely miss Batanes and we hope to visit them again.

Until next trip,

– Cha & Gee ♥

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